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What is a Chamber of Commerce?

It is an organization of business professionals within the community dedicated to maintaining a favorable business climate and safeguarding the interests of its members.

What does a Chamber of Commerce do?

The Chamber partners with its members to promote and support the business community. Marketing, networking, community volunteer and sponsorship events, professional development and more comprise the workings of the Chamber.

How do I join?


Print the application, fill it out, and submit it with the appropriate membership dues.

Who can be a member?

You do not have to own a business, be located in Milan, or have a specific number of employees to be able to join. Milan Chamber of Commerce welcomes everyone to join if it suits their interests. 

On our membership application you will notice "Paid Milan Employees" is listed in our rates. This is only to help franchised businesses and non-profit organizations better understand which rate applies to them. It is not to limit who can join. 

How can members get more involved?

We encourage our members to support our endeavors and the community in any way they can. Offer volunteers, become a sponsor, be a donor, host an event, recruit a new member, or simply tell others about our events to increase attendance. There is so much you can do to be an active member!

Do I have to be a member to attend Chamber meetings?

Anyone who is interested in the Milan Chamber may attend our meetings.


Board- First Wednesday of the Month.

General- Second Wednesday of March, May, September, and November.

Year in Review - October.

Networking- Last Thursday of the month.



General meetings require each non-member and additional guest to pay a nominal fee for food.

Only board members are able to vote at Board meetings.


Please contact the Chamber office at (309) 716-8144 for details and to RSVP to Board and General Meetings. No reservation required for Networking.

We offer advertising opportunities!

Become a member and we will promote your business FOR FREE on Facebook and our Milan News page. Members and non-members can pay to advertise in our Chamber Chat business newsletters. 

Contact the Chamber office for details and restrictions. 

Contact Us


Marisa Morales

Administrative Assistant

801 Tech Dr.

Milan, IL 61264

P.O. Box 1036

(309) 716-8144

Message received. Someone will get back to you in the next business day!

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